making your home a haven

Leigh and Orlando is a company designed with one thing in mind: creating your haven. From interior organization and interior décor, our mission is to create style, relaxation and functionality in every space, and for every person, that needs it.

How do we do this?

We add, remove and reassess based on your style and your functional needs. Your home should be your retreat where you can rest, recharge or entertain a full house.

We start simply.

We believe luxury is as much about simplicity as it is about patterns and textures. To make your life more luxurious, you need only make it beautifully and elegantly simpler. That doesn’t mean boring. We edit and refine the elements that live with you in your home.

Your home should exemplify your personal style.

Our unique process brings out the best in your personal style. From mood boards to final reveal, our goal is to design your space based on you. Function and style blend to make your home a haven.

Are you ready to create your haven?

Is it possible to have a haven and pets? Absolutely! Orlando’s corner it’s all about incorporating your furry family members into your haven. 

Coming soon …