Have you ever walked into a space and you felt yourself instantly relax?  Maybe it’s a certain beach house you visit every year for vacation.  Maybe it’s your best friend’s living room.  It’s more than walking in and thinking you like the way it’s decorated.  It’s that physical sigh of comfort and relaxation.  Your happy place.  Where you can be completely yourself and recharge your batteries.

At Leigh & Orlando we help you create just that.  Maybe it’s an unexpected touch of luxury.  Maybe it’s making the space more functional.  Clutter free.  Beautiful.  It’s a feeling that doesn’t have a price tag attached.  When we say we want to make your home a haven, we mean it.  Having an organized, beautiful, haven to come home to sets you up to live your best life.  Decluttering your home will declutter your mind.  If you like the way your home looks, and it provides the function you need, your mind can rest free from procrastination.

That’s exactly how we got started.  We started creating spaces that provided just that feeling.  Soon our friends and family started asking us to help them do the same for them – moving to a new home, settling into a new office building.  Color choices.  Making the mundane feel luxurious.  Moving assistance.  Choosing contractors.  Organization.  Project management.  What was a fun hobby that made our friends and family so happy gave us joy.  As the requests became bigger and bigger we started dreaming bigger.  What if we could help more people?  With the number of people moving into the Charlotte area every day – starting new jobs and families – many people don’t have that someone who can help.  We can – and we can’t wait to help you get settled!